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I've created this blog as a space where I can share accessible summaries of my research and publications. 

I'm also hoping that by 'thinking out loud' here, I might feel less confused about the way forward and come up with some useful and sensible ideas for future research. 

I trained as a healthcare professional (physiotherapist) and my interests, over time, have moved towards public health and social inequalities in health. I completed my PhD at the University of Central Lancashire in 2018 funded by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration North West Coast. In 2020, I was awarded a NIHR School for Public Health Research Postdoctoral Launching Fellowship to progress my research ideas and develop further funding applications. I have just recently started a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social Science which will run from May 2022 to May 2025. The plan for this research is outlined in my recent blog post and in videos on the presentations page of this site. 

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