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Advisory Group for Wellcome Trust Fellowship

I have excellent support and input into the Wellcome Trust Fellowship and I want to acknowledge the contributions of the below individuals who have been extremely generous with their time and who have provided healthy challenge to the direction of the project along with much needed moral support. They are organised in alphabetical order by first name. Names with a linked webpage are in blue. Additional information on the background of public advisors is included below. My thinking over the past two years has also been influenced by the work of the A Better Way network, my experience of finding my feet as newly elected councillor in Preston, and discussions with likeminded colleagues at Lancaster University. 


Advisory group

Amy Clair, Clara Martins de Barros, Dominique Nylander, Elena Semino, Geoffrey Gleadhill, Hannah Fairbrother, Hilary Garrett, Jayne Price, Jennie Popay, Katherine Smith, Lisa Whiting, Louise MarshallMark Dooris, Martina Kane, Peter Durrant, Rob MacDonald, Saima Gul, Sarah Markham, Tim Wilson. 


Clara Martins de Barros

I love being a Patient Public Involvement representative. I was diagnosed autistic as an adult and I have become an unwavering advocate for the rights of autistic individuals within society. Formerly a Governor for the South London and Maudsley Trust, I undertook roles as both a trainer and mentor, providing guidance to Clinical Psychology PhD students, and PhD medical students. During my 15-year tenure at a Local Authority, I initiated ground-breaking initiatives, including the establishment of the first-ever quiet zone within an open office setting. This sensory soothing space, designed to harness natural light and minimise noise, positively impacted numerous individuals. My engagement further extends to participation in various committees and boards, where I contribute in reviewing documents and studies. Despite holding a Performing Arts Degree, my enthusiasm for neuroscience remains palpable. I have an International Fellowship in Translational Research, a scholarship I secured. Additionally, I proudly serve as a member of the inaugural Covid-19 Public Research Panel.

Geoffrey Gleadhill

I am 87 years young born in Hull Yorkshire. Came to London during the war was evacuated to Cheshire. Started attending local charity committees enjoyed it so much when offered a public advisor role on bigger committees I jumped at the chance to be able to continue giving my time in helping the health and wellbeing of the elderly. 

Peter Durrant

My name is Peter Durrant and I am, would you believe it, an eighty-six year old guy living alone in a housing society which lacks any sense of community living. My wife died twenty years ago and life has been tough since then. But I am keeping going and contact with yourself and others is a great help. I have all the usual qualifications and perhaps my best example was, long ago, a degree from the Open University after leaving school at fourteen. (The best thing I ever achieved) My Dad took me up to London for the interview, would that happen today, and I worked as a messenger boy for five years in a tea-broker's office in Mincing Lane. Followed  by National Service at Hitler's gliding school in the Hartz mountains and it's great that my eldest son has now married a lovely German lady. Followed later with an MA at Brunel in Social Administration and then many years as a community social worker. 

Robert MacDonald

Dr Robert G MacDonald is a retired architect and Professor of Architecture with practical and academic experiences of Housing Design. He has worked in Africa, Glasgow, Wales and Liverpool especially on the design of Housing Co-operatives with an emphasis on citizen participation and engagement. He has a track record of publications most recently on “ Design for Dementia”. Rob is a MerseyCare Volunteer and Service user and teaches “Art for Well Being” with patients with multiple Mental Health Challenges.

Sarah Markham

I am a long-term patient with many years of health and social care experience.  I am also a member of several marginalised communities and a keen advocate for evidence-based working and research. PPI needs to be rooted in honesty, integrity, transparency and proportionality  and as an academic mathematician I am keen to champion optimal action on this front.

Tim Wilson

Many jobs early years (no qualifications), 1969-1989 including hospital porter, ODA others later public health inspector, university warden/lecturer, physical therapist, voluntary work in mental issues and ten years with revision a radical alliance advocating a social model of mental issues- many roles including editor of quarterly revision news, played rugby tennis and basketball for fifty years before late onset neuro muscular condition in legs - ten years a public advisor for Applied Research Collaboration. Part-time masters public health, health medicine and education, avid Future Learn course taker. 

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